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History and Milestones

Telford industries Pte Ltd ("Telford") commenced the tape & reel services to Printed Circuit Board Assembly ("PCBA") manufacturers.


Telford established TQS Manufacturing Sdn Bhd ("TQS") in Johor to expand into Malaysia.


Telford set up 2nd operation in Penang, Malaysia.


Flextech Holdings Limited (now known as “Dragon Group International Limited” or "DGI") acquired two business units, SPAC and QAS of Texas Instruments Inc. through Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments Pte Ltd (“STI PL”) and Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments Inc. (“STII”) in Dallas respectively.


STII completed development of its wafer inspection equipment and sold to major semiconductor manufacturers in Japan and Europe, representing its first foray into the front-end inspection equipment industry for the semiconductor manufacturing process.

1999 ASTI was publicly listed.

Acquisition of 60% stake in Reel Service Limited, a manufacturer and service provider. The acquisition provided ASTI with a global network of facilities covering Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Set up STI Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd (now known as Emerald Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd, ("Emerald")), 60% owned subsidiary in Johor, Malaysia.

Telford expanded into Philippines. Telford Svc. Phils. Inc. (“Telford Phil.”) offers back-end semiconductor manufacturing services such as taping, detaping as well as inspection and other related activities.


STI PL set up Semiconductors Technologies & Instruments Taiwan Inc. (“STI Taiwan”), a sales & service support centre in Taiwan.


Tape & Reel and Programming Services facility in Shanghai, China - Telford Manufacturing Service Shanghai Ltd (“Telford Shanghai”).

ASTI migrated from SESDAQ to Mainboard in Singapore Exchange on 28 April 2005.


Acquisition of 51.4% of SGX SESDAQ-listed Advanced Systems Automation Limited ("ASA"), a global manufacturer of semiconductor equipment, to expand into additional business sectors as well as accelerating its expansion into North Asia, especially China.


Acquisition of Dragon Technology Distribution Co., Ltd (“Dragon Technology”) and Dragon Trading (Shanghai) Company Limited (“DTS”) through Flextech. This enables Flextech to expand its reach in North Asia through the newly acquired extensive network.

Flextech changed its name to DGI.


Emerald becomes a wholly owned subsidiary.


ASA established Dragon Microfits Sdn. Bhd. ("Dragon Microfits") in Penang, Malaysia.

Spire Technologies Pte Ltd ("Spire") and its subsidiaries become wholly owned subsidiary companies of DGI.


Commenced development of advanced packaging solutions (through EoPlex, Inc.) targetting towards mobility and 3C convergent market.

Acquisition of 45% of Auramas Teknologi Sdn. Bhd. ("Auramas" Tecknologi Sdn. Bhd. ("Auramas"), to extend the Group's core competency in its Equipment Contract Manufacturing Service ("ECMS") business.


Completion of the proposed disposal of Dragon Technology Distribution Pte. Ltd. by DGI to InflexionPoint Technologies Pte. Limited.

Completion of acquisition of additional 10% of the issued & paid-up shares in the capital of Auramas Teknologi Sdn. Bhd. Pursuant to the Completion, the Company’s shareholding in Auramas has increased from 45% to 55% of the issued and paid-up share capital of Auramas. Accordingly, Auramas is now a subsidiary of the Company


Completed disposal of 64,316,470 issued and paid up ordinary shares in APSI Pte. Ltd. on 27 Feb 2015.

EoPlex Inc. via PR Newswire has announced the qualification of its CSI platform with Wuxi China Resources Micro-Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. (ANST), a leading Chinese IC assembly and test company.


Has successfully completed the proposed disposal of the entire issued and paid-up share capital of Semiconductor Technologies Pte. Ltd. on 26 Sep 2018 and STI SG has ceased to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.

ASA Group has completed the acquisition of Yumei Technologies SDN BHD, Yumei REIT SDN BHD & Pioneer Venture Pte Ltd on 4 Dec 2018.



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